How can you provide these speeds? Is the download speed really that high?

For our fiber and 4G connections, we use the same infrastructure as all the other providers in Spain. Therefore we achieve the same speeds. For our Air fiber connections (only in Lanzarote), we use our own wireless network. We are not limited to the speed that other companies deliver as we are a totally independent wireless internet provider and do not have to work with lines from other companies.
We are capable of sending 'fiber' speeds through the air to your house. That is what we do!
And yes, these are real download speeds.

Do I need a telephone connection to have your fast internet?

No. You do not need a telephone connection if you only want an internet connection. Although with our fiber connections, there is always a landline included. You also do not need a contract with any other company. You deal directly with us.

Is everything included with a subscription?

The hardware that is needed is always included with any monthly internet subscription. There is one exception though: you do not receive any hardware when you order a SIM card. All the hardware remains property of Telecom Canarias but can be used for free. There is no hardware included with a TV subscription. And there is also no hardware included with a mobile phone subscription.

Do all your clients have the speed you promise?

Up till now we have not connected one client that did not receive the speed of the package he had ordered. If we can not reach the speed you have ordered during the installation, we will not connect you. A lot of clients check their speed with a speedtest. If you do so, you will see that the speed is indeed limited to what you have ordered.
Do not check your speed through your router and certainly not wireless!
We have seen all sort of wifi issues like iPhones, iPads, tablets and wireless computers that seem to struggle to get a download speed of less than 5 Mbps on a 1000 Mbps line!
This is why a correct speedtest should be done with one single computer, with a cable connection in the LAN port of your connection.
Not wireless and not through a router.
And certainly not with more than one device at the same time. In fact, if you really want to be sure that you are measuring correct there should be only one device connected directly to the internet connection. This is the only way that you can be sure that no bandwidth is used by another device while you are doing your test.
If the computer that you use is too slow or software is working in the background, you might get a false low result.
Please be sure that you also use a speedtest that is located in the Spanish mainland and not one coming from UK, Germany, USA, etc...
The road to that foreign server may be blocked with traffic, giving you a completely false result for your internet speed.
Example of a speedtest located in Spain.

Can I watch streaming TV with your connection?

You can use your internet connection according to our terms and conditions. This will allow you to do online activities such as browsing the web, accessing social media sites as well as downloading and streaming video, music and games.
As soon as you are connected you will see that we deliver sufficient speed to watch streaming TV in high quality.
However, we can not guarantee, nor do we offer service to provide you with a perfect working IPTV system, or any other system offering streaming television. If we see that the speed that your internet connection delivers is exactly as it should be, that service needs to come from your TV provider.
Even on 1Gbps connections we have seen buffering from certain IPTV subscriptions, while other subscriptions work fine. Sometimes it is a bit of trial and error to find a good IPTV provider.
Problems can be related to certain boxes, the servers where the media comes from, the software, the way some IPTV providers try to get the data to you, the routes the data has to follow, the lack of the use of techniques as multicast, etc ...
Don't forget that live Internet television depends on the origin of the stream. Buffering should not always be attributed to your internet speed. The most likely culprits are general Internet traffic and the station's server being overloaded.
In any case, your IPTV provider will always first blame the internet connection if the system does not work as expected. But the truth is that the reason for problems with IPTV is not always the speed of your internet connection.

Are you limiting something?

No, nothing is limited.

Does my own activity on my service affect download/upload rates?

Yes, it does. IPTV or Netflix on several TV sets for example will slow down the connection for other use because it uses a lot of bandwidth leaving less for other activities such as browsing, skype, ... .
And for instance, peer-to-peer file sharing can completely consume bandwidth - preventing browsing and other use. Performance may remain very low even after you have exited your P2P software. This is because other P2P users will send attempts to connect to your system and this will go on for some time after you have disconnected. These attempts will affect the performance of your internet connection.
Concurrent uploads will also have a serious impact on your download speeds. All data transfers send packages in both directions. So when you download a file, a stream of acknowledgement packets are sent in the return direction. These packages are used to ensure your download works properly. These packets require up to 1/4 of your download transfer rate.
For example, if you are downloading at 800 Mbps on a 1000 Mbps line, your ACK packets may take up to 200 Mbps of your upload capacity.
If you decide to allow your P2P software to share (uploads to other users), it would also be wise to limit the bandwidth for those uploads to a minimum so that you can have full use of your own download bandwidth.

Is there service included?

Yes of course. It works like this: we will deliver your internet connection and if it works as it should our work is done until a client reports a problem. We can check any connection from a distance. So if a client tells us his internet connection is not working properly, we can check if the problem is on our side or on the side of the client. If needed we send a technician to solve the problem. After the connection has been proven to work fine, we will of course not deliver other services at home for free but we are also able to help you with any problem that you may have in your own software or own hardware. So if you can not use our internet connection because of a a network problem in your own house (wireless router), or a device (computer, pad, phone, ...) not working ok, we can also help you. Prices for such an intervention can be found on our website.

If I feel that my internet connection is slow or not working properly?

If you feel that your internet connection is not working properly: first, be patient and wait a while.
The Internet is is a global network. It is normal that there are periods when speed to some destinations is lower than usual, due to factors beyond our control.
There are even times that some websites are not reachable at all while others are. Try to visit and if that works, it may well be that the website you try to visit is simply not reachable due to traffic to that website.
Don't jump at every performance 'blip' - they will likely be gone by the time you have reported them.
These glitches are just a part of the Internet. Especially on the island Lanzarote where we occasionally experience short periods of downtime or slow working internet in the lines coming from the mainland.
Make sure that your expectations are realistic. Especially for streaming media and in peak moments.
Consider other issues noted in this FAQ (example: if you are uploading a file, expect downloads to be slower).
If you have left a P2P connection program online, use IPTV, or if you are running servers, you could expect these to affect your performance.
If you still feel that there is something wrong, contact us at or call support.

Do you guarantee that my internet will always work and that the speed will always be the same?

No. In fact no provider will guarantee that for resident connections. Other providers may not tell you this but this surely is the case with all providers in Spain. We work hard to provide our users with the best possible access. Our user packages are set to a particular upload and download speed, with that in mind. But we do not guarantee maximum speeds, the service is a best effort and may vary from time to time. We do however guarantee that we will do whatever we can to provide you with a good working and fast internet connection.
We are permanently improving our network. So if you experience slower internet than what you used to have, please give us some time. You will see that we will find a solution and get things back to where they were before.

There are almost never speed problems with any of our home internet subscriptions. But the speed of 3G/4G Mobile data connections solely depends on how many people are using the internet at the same time in your location, at peak/off peak times. If maximum connections are operating, then the speed could slow down to ensure everyone can use their connection. This is usually the case in crowded locations. But normally, even then 4G also remains a fast service.

Can we share our connection with neighbours, friends, or sell to tourists?

Legally you can not. Resident connections are not to be used for these purposes. A resident connection is intended for use by one customer and his household. Sharing with others outside of the installed facility is not allowed.
Users are also expected to use the service in a reasonable manner including but not limited to e-mail, newsgroups, file transfers, Internet chat, online games, and browsing the World Wide Web. High volume or commercial use including but not limited running a server of any sort is strictly prohibited unless you order a business connection for that purpose with us.

Can I have a fixed static public IP-address?

This is not included with the subscription but it can be ordered. If you would desire a public static IP address you can contact us at and we will see what we can do for you.

What do you mean with a 4G internet connection? What is the difference with the 'fiber' connections?

4G means a 'mobile' connection. There is no fixed location for this connection. You will receive a mobile router that can either work with power or with a battery that can be recharged. Whether it is inside your house, in your own garden or on the beach, or on a trip to Barcelona, ... your internet connection can be taken with you. As long as you are on Spanish territory it will work.

Is download and upload volume unlimited with your internet connections?

Yes, you have unlimited download and upload volume on all internet connections at full speed. Only exception: when you buy a 4G SIM card with a certain maximum amount of GB data (for example 400GB), obviously the connection will stop working after you have reached the data volume that you have paid for.

You mention a 4G speed of up to 150 Mbps. Is the speed really that high?

The speed that we offer for 4G is not limited in any way for the up to 150 Mbps packages. That means that you will have the highest available 4G speed for your location. So if you are in very good location it may actually go as high as the theoretical maximum, while in the most rural parts you may end up with a speed of between 10 Mbps and 30 Mbps.

Are you using your own infrastructure?

For most of our internet connections in Lanzarote we are indeed using our own infrastructure. But not in the rest of Spain and also not for for example 4G Mobile connections. For these type of connections we are an official 'OPERADOR MÓVIL VIRTUAL' that is allowed to use all the infrastructure of all known mobile providers such as Orange, Vodafone, Movistar, ... .
Therefore we are in an even better position than some very well known big providers as we can choose which infrastructure provider to work with, depending on the region that we deliver the service.

You are based in Lanzarote. But can you offer your services outside Lanzarote?

Yes, no matter where you live in Spain, we can deliver your internet connection, TV or Mobile Phone Subscription. Our services will work everywhere in Spain. That means also in all the other Canary Islands such as Fuerteventura, Tenerife, El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma, Gran Canaria, but also in Mallorca, Ibiza, Balearic Islands.

I am client of another provider and I want to switch to you

Transfer is easy. We will do all the work for you. In some cases we are not allowed to end the subscription with the previous provider for you. But even in those cases we will assist you.

What is with or without a contract?

You always have an agreement with us. You are our client and we are your provider. But when we speak of a '6 month minimum contract' on our website, we mean that you can not cancel the contract before the end of those 6 months. When we speak of 'No minimum contract' you can actually cancel the subscription even after the first month that you have been using it. Prices are of course lower when you choose for longer guaranteed subscription. But with any subscription it works like this: you start the subscription and you can end it as soon as your minimum contract is expired. But when you do not cancel it it will simply continue to work and you will continue to receive your monthly invoices. Some providers speak of a minimum contract as 'with permanence' or 'con permanencia' in Spanish. Of course, the hardware that you can use for free with your subscription remains our property and needs to be returned or collected by our technicians to allow you to end your contract.

But what do I do when I do not want to end the subscription after the minimum contract?

Your minimum contract for subscriptions is for example 6 months. After those 6 months you can cancel at any time, providing there are no due invoices. After those 6 months, you will automatically have a monthly renewal. So your internet will keep working and you will keep receiving your monthly invoices unless you cancel your subscription. So you see, there is no need for a yearly contract as any subscription with us is always automatically prolonged after the minimum contract until you cancel it yourself. That means that you do not have to do anything after the minimum contract if you want to keep the subscription. It will just keep working until you actually cancel it.

How long in advance do I need to order a Mobile Phone SIM or a 4G data SIM?

Activations of SIM cards are done from Monday to Friday during working hours. To be sure the SIM is activated and delivered at your home in Lanzarote in time, please order at least 2 days in advance. If you order from another location in Spain, it will be sent to you by post. You can order your sim card as far in advance as you wish however please note that orders can only be processed during office hours so orders place on a Friday evening will only be processed on the following working day (Monday).

For 4G SIM cards: If I don't use all my data that I am allowed per month, is it transferable to the next month?

Unfortunately this is not possible. You are allowed to the amount of data that you have ordered per month, but when a new month starts you start with a new bundle of data for that next month. So for example: when you have ordered a SIM 400GB for 2 months, and you have used 350GB at the end of the first month you start again with 400GB the first day of the second month. Not with 450GB.

For 4G SIM cards, what happens if I use all my data before the month is ended? And what about the data in Mobile Phone subscriptions?

For 4G data SIMS with a certain amount of GB: if you use all your data before the month is ended, your SIM card will stop working untill the end of that month. If you have bought that SIM card for multiple months, it will start working again at the first day of the next month. For Mobile Phone subscriptions with a certain amount of GB: if you use all your internet data before the month is ended your connection will continue to work but at a lower speed until the first day of the next month. And then you will have full speed again. Our Mobile Phone unlimited data and calls subscription: Unlimited GB at maximum data speed and unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles. Prorated and auto-renewable rate. Subject to reasonable consumption clause included in particular contracting conditions. In this rate, the maximum reasonable data consumption is limited to 350GB of monthly data. Once the data is exhausted, you can continue browsing at 32 kbps. The unlimited calling bonus includes 5,000 minutes of consumption and a maximum of 150 different destinations per month. Once these limits are exceeded, calls are charged at €0.20 for establishment and €0.25/min. The user will be notified once the 3,000 monthly minutes have been reached.

Already a client of ours and you want to save even more?

For every new client you refer into our database, you will be given a free month of your own subscription.