Referral Program - Earn money with us

Did you know that when you are a client with us, you can actually earn money through our Referral Program?

What is a referral program?

A referral program is where a company rewards its clients for recommending their product or service to others.
Basically, you can earn money by referring a friend as a new potential customer for our business. Because when your friend actually becomes a client after you have referred, you will receive a month of your own subscription that you have with us for free.

How do I refer?

Go to your client zone at and login with your login and your password. Then proceed to the 'support' part of your client zone. Complete the form that you see there with the details of your referee and send it to us. We will do the rest for you.

What is my reward for referring?

If the referee decides to become a client of ours with any of the subscriptions below, you will receive a free month of your own subscription as a reward.
Included subscriptions in the referral program: any subscription with an ongoing monthly payment. Not included in the offer: PrePaid connections, SIM cards.
If you have multiple subscriptions with us, your reward for referring will be given for one subscription only.

Is there a limit in the amount of money that I can earn by referring?

No, we will not limit your rewards. So if you would refer 12 new clients into our clients database in the period of one year, you would actually receive a full year of your own subscription with us for free.

Already a client of ours and you want to save even more?

For every new client you refer into our database, you will be given a free month of your own subscription.