Telecom Canarias

Canary Island Telecom Provider

Why choose us?

Price, Quality, Service
With over 20 years of experience we feel confident that we can deliver guaranteed results that exceed your expectations while remaining cost effective.
One company for all your services
We provide internet connections, mobile telephone, data plans, TV subscriptions and we deliver hardware, software, hosting and even at home services such as networking, pc repairs, ...
Service in your own language
It can be difficult to communicate in a foreign language. That is why besides Spanish we give you communication in English, German, French, Dutch.
We’re experts
We have been succesful in delivering fast internet connections and mobile phone subscriptions for more than 10 years in the Canary Islands. We started with rural connections in Lanzarote under the name JMA Internet Solutions and we gradually grew into a full-fledged telecom company that is now active in all of the Canary Islands.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the waiting time after ordering?

How long does it take to install or activate?

Almost all our internet subscriptions can be installed within 1 or 2 days after ordering. Our mobile subscriptions (=a new telephone number for example) are usually activated the day after ordering.

Do you have coverage in the whole of Spain?

Where can you deliver your services?

We can install and activate fiber internet, 4G internet, Mobile Telephone subscriptions in the whole of Spain and all Canary Islands. In Lanzarote, we can also install rural internet, even in locations where nobody else is capable of delivering a service to you.

What payment methods do you offer?

How does payment work?

Our clients can pay by Direct Debit (Spanish or foreign bank), Bank transfer, Periodic Payment, PayPal, Cash deposit in a Banca March branch. All invoices are sent by email and can also be found and/or downloaded through our client zone.

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For every new client you refer into our database, you will be given a free month of your own subscription.